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Staff Development



Effective teacher and academic management training is pivotal for the success of any ELICOS college. It definitely yields happier and more successful students but how can it be done without blowing a hole in the budget? What are the government requirements on professional development (PD)?

ELICOS Consultants are highly experienced in delivering PD to teachers and can design a single (PD) session for your teachers, or can custom design an annual professional development calendar in a cost effective manner. Sessions can be specialized on understanding phonetics, marking IELTS writing, incorporating blended learning, increasing student motivation etc. etc… (and the list is endless). 

Furthermore, Mentoring and Coaching academic management is critical as they will be representing the college in any ASQA audit. How in depth is their compliance knowledge? Are the current systems and processes too burdensome and are they wasting valuable staff time? ELICOS Consultants are here to listen and here to help.


ELICOS Consultants English College Tuition


Coaching is task oriented and is short term. The focus is on concrete issues, such as managing more effectively, recruiting teachers more effectively, understating the ELICOS standards etc. This requires a content expert (our director Sener Alkan) who is capable of teaching the “coachee” how to develop these skills. Our director Sener is more than happy to train and develop middle or senior management to ensure they have the skills needed to build and run a successful English college.                                           

ELICOS Consultants English College Tuition


Mentoring is relationship oriented and is long term. It seeks to provide a safe environment where the “mentee” shares whatever issues affect his/her professional and personal success in their position. Specific learning goals or competencies may be used as a basis for creating the relationship, however, it's focus goes beyond these areas to include things such as work/life balance, self-confidence, self-perception etc. ELICOS Consultants is more than happy to discuss your specific needs and be a passionate mentor for your senior staff.                                                              

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Professional Development, referred to as PD in the teachers’ staff room, is a chance for teachers to be students. Time to learn, ask questions, make mistakes, and grow. Good PD reignites teachers and reaffirms why they chose to become a teacher. Excellent PD fills teachers’ “fuel tanks” and turns them into unstoppable, positive “A Grade” teachers which students love! ELICOS Consultants love to train and develop teachers by providing outstanding and effective PD.

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Do you need a “Superstar” Academic Manager? Does your Head Teacher or Coordinator share the same values as your college? The senior management team of any English college can lead the team to reach for the stars, or can drag them down and make everyone’s life miserable (including the students). The ELICOS management team needs to live and breathe the college ethos and be the ambassadors. ELICOS Consultants can help find the right management team for your college and most importantly, can provide further training on skill shortages where required.