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There is such a large range of English Courses on offer now, students feel like kids at a dessert buffet not knowing what to choose. 
Do I go for the short and sweet one? Or do I take the hard and long one? Hmmm…. 

Fortunately our Consulting Team has taught every kind of CRICOS registered ELICOS course in Australia and we have first hand experience on what the course is really about. We know which assessment methods work better with which courses and we know how to add “bells and whistles” to a course to make it unique.

As the demand for English courses in Australia grows everyday, the number of international students studying ELICOS basically grows year on year. But for school owners, some eternal questions remain. 
Is GE better than EAP? Or should we go with an IELTS course? 
What are the differences between all the ELICOS courses?




General English (GE) is easily the most popular ELICOS course in Australia. And on face value, they are all identical as the name suggests. 
But are they really? Do students learn the same thing at every college? 
Well the short answer is no. Even though they all have the same course name, it is possible to stand out from the crowd and differentiate your version of GE from others. Students will ask what’s the difference between “your GE” to “other colleges’ GE”? ELICOS Consultants can surely assist build and develop your GE with cost effective strategies and unique selling points.

14. IELTS. bright-close-up-color-221247.jpg


The International English Language Testing System or better known as “IELTS Test” is the world’s most popular English proficiency test and is taken by millions of people around the world every year. It's the English test for “heavy lifters”. Students who take this course generally have a specific IELTS score they want to achieve and are genuinely motivated to work hard. 

ELICOS Consultants can design an IELTS Test preparation course to suit your needs and we can even arrange an IELTS assessor (2 of our consultants are IELTS assessors) to provide training and professional development for your staff.

15. EAP. barracuda-fish-ocean-66218.jpg


English for Academic Purposes or better known as EAP is extremely popular and has a massive student base in Australia. In this course, all students are “swimming” in the same direction which is to enter a University (or college). No matter who you are and what your learning style is, the purpose of EAP is to prepare you for tertiary studies. Essay writing, oral presentations, paraphrasing, referencing, note taking are common skills learnt. The EAP course will be jam packed with everything a student needs to be successful in their tertiary course.                                                                            

16. FCE.CAE. aeroplane-aircraft-airplane-929606(1).jpg


First Certificate in English (FCE) and Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) are the most popular Cambridge English qualifications. These courses are for the "high flyers" who want to prove their English ability. Essentially they are other English proficiency tests and the results achieved can be used for University entrance or migration purposes. The FCE test is comparable to a strong Upper Intermediate English level exam and the CAE is comparable to a strong Advanced Level English exam. Although it is quite similar to the IELTS test, there are a few major differences that one should know.

17. PTE. rawpixel-com-310778-unsplash.jpg


The Pearson Test of English (PTE) took the world by storm and is a relatively new English proficiency exam. The PTE was the first test that was fully conducted on a computer and assessed by a computer. Yes the PTE is fully computer based even the writing and speaking is assessed by software. Amazing!

It was initially written off by the English industry saying a computer can’t assess speaking and writing like a teacher can. But Pearson Education (owners of PTE) was able to convince Universities and governments around the world that their software assessed just as accurately as actual teachers, and from that point on, it was a game changer. Many students who have been unsuccesful in IELTS turn to PTE to try their luck.

18. Business. benjamin-child-17946-unsplash.jpg


Business English as the name suggests covers every single English aspect related to business. It may sound boring to some, but starting a business or developing their family business is probably the second most popular reason students study English in Australia (most popular reason would have to be to get a better job). Holding business meetings, performing oral presentations, conducting market research, preparing meeting minutes, writing a sales pitch, understanding a business plan and financials etc. are all common elements in Business English.

Many students study Business English as their second or third course while in Australia and usually enter at an Upper Intermediate or Advanced Level.                                                               

19. ESP. astronaut-astronomy-exploration-33684.jpg


English for Special Purposes (ESP) is a general term used in the ELICOS industry for English courses which specialise and focus on one particular area. For example, English for nurses, English for engineers, English for pilots. There is even English plus Golf and English plus Surfing in Australia now. Fantastic! The options are endless. 

These courses are generally designed for students who already have experience or qualifications in their specialist area from their home country and want to transfer or be recognised for their skills in Australia. ELICOS Consultants can design an ESP course for your target market. English for Astronauts anyone?

20 HSP. joseph-chan-354188-unsplash.jpg


High School Preparation, known as HSP, prepares students to be successful at high school in Australia. The most important factor to consider for this market is that most, if not all, of the students will be under 18 years old. This isn’t an issue. But is does trigger separate government requirements for guardianship, accommodation etc. It may be seen as a “high maintenance” market, but one advantage is that most HSP enrolments are generally very long and 1 year enrolments are quite common.


21 TESOL nathan-dumlao-572047-unsplash.jpg


Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is our favourite topic as all consultants hold TESOL qualifications and are extremely passionate about the TESOL field. However the ELICOS TESOL courses we can design are very different to the courses we have studied. ELICOS TESOL courses can be targeted at students who are not teachers and want to move into teaching when they return home. Or they can be targeted at qualified overseas teachers who want to improve their English and become an English teacher when they return. Whoever your target market is, ELICOS Consultants would love to design a TESOL course for you and we will make sure it's a success!

22. Barista adult-art-artistic-302901.jpg


Working as a Barista and making excellent coffee is a dream for many ELICOS students. And a Barista English course prepares students with the English they need and coffee making skills. Lessons are generally held in both a classroom and in a café for students to learn the practical skills. The course can cover areas such as OHS, resume writing, job interview skills, café menu, making coffee and of course latte art. Our Director, Sener, is a true coffee addict and has coffee running in his veins. He would love to personally design and develop a Barista course for you and can even assist with coffee suppliers, espresso machine suppliers, café set up etc.