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Curriculum & Assessment


Curriculum and Assessment

Curriculum and Assessment design in ELICOS must have a clear objective always hit its target. Many people think it’s needed for compliance purposes but in actual fact, the purpose is much greater than that. When a curriculum is designed well, it gives teachers guidance on what the course objectives are and suggestions on how to achieve them. Furthermore, if it’s carefully thought out and strategically designed, there is less work to do for management and teaching delivery is more consistent with less input and stress.

Assessment is time for students to shine and show what they have learnt. It doesn't need to be a tedious task and students can look forward to assessments. ELICOS Consultants are very creative with our assessment methodologies and ensure students are actually engaged while demonstrating competence with real life skills.


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ELICOS curriculum writing is a "fine art" and the syllabus is the heartbeat of any ELICOS course as it will have the biggest impact on teachers, students and college owners. If a curriculum is creative, engaging and colorful, it makes everyone’s job a dream. It is critical for it to be smartly designed, easy to read, comprehend and action. Teachers rely heavily on the curriculum, as it should spell out the course objective, weekly learning outcomes and assessment. Although students generally don't see the curriculum, their entire course and every aspect of their learning is generated from this document. Why is the curriculum so important for college owners? How can we design a cost effective ELICOS Syllabus?

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ELICOS assessments are all about "fine detail and structure". It's the Assessments that have the biggest impact on students as they represent the college. If a student studies a 20 week course, and completes an assessment a week, that's 20 “opportunities” the college has to impress the student. Even when they receive the blank assessment, every student firstly looks at the design/format/presentation and forms an opinion on the English college. 
What opinions have they formed? Is it in line with your organisation values?