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College Set Up


College Set Up

Setting up and registering an ELICOS college (English College for international students) is a goal for many smart people but not everyone knows where to start. Although there are similarities with a RTO, the rules and regulations that apply are very different and need to be clearly comprehended.

More importantly, “English Teachers” and “English Students” need to be very carefully understood to have any successful school. Getting a college “off the ground” isn’t rocket science and ELICOS Consultants can surely assist.

ELICOS Consultants can design an English course/s to suit your needs and can write all the policies and procedures required to open your doors. We can provide training and ongoing support to ensure the college is compliant and is determined on achieving its strategic objectives.


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It’s a long road with no sign posts for anyone who wants to set up an ELICOS college. There is no government website (that we have seen) or government agency (that we know of) that is there to assist. We know as we have recently built 2 English colleges from the ground up and 4 English departments for existing RTO’s. It is long, complex and the government standards are confusing, but we can help you get there. Today, we are able to build a brand new English college or English department with tailor made courses in approximately 4-6 weeks depending on which English courses you would like to register and what kind of “Unique Selling Points” you would like designed into the curriculum.

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The purpose of all Policies and Procedures is to protect the college and provide guidance to staff. They are essential to ensure a college is not only compliant, but is consistent on how its decisions are made. A carefully written Policy and Procedure should also be used by any new staff member to quickly learn how things are done with minimum supervision or training. However a common mistake colleges make, is writing lengthy over detailed 5-10 page Policies and Procedures, which become financially taxing on the college. It actually defeats the purpose it was intended for.

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Has your English college taken on too much risk? Is there an ASQA audit scheduled? ELICOS Consultants can assist with risk identification and risk management. If everything is in order and is compliant, there is no need to worry. However most college owners don't know if everything is in order and is compliant. We can come in and conduct an internal audit and provide a detailed report on where we see the operations.

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These are the Australian government standards that all ELICOS colleges must meet and maintain to be an English language college in Australia. The ELICOS Standards have been around since 2011 but the ELICOS Standards 2018 came into effect on 1 January 2018 for existing and new providers and came into effect on 1 March 2018 for transitioning providers. What has changed from the 2011 Standards? There are 8 separate standards in the ELICOS Standards 2018 and all have different requirements, which need to be carefully understood and met.

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This is also known as CRICOS policies and are effectively the rules one must follow if they want to “play” in the International student “game” (yes we know it’s not a game). And these “rules” are the same for Universities, Colleges, High Schools alike. The full name is “The National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 (National Code 2018)” but is generally referred to as The National Code. They are generic and apply to any international student on a student visa studying in Australia. But how can the same standards apply for Universities and English Language colleges?

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NEAS and English Australia have their own standards and are essentially quality endorsing organisations. They have been around for a very long time and both are highly regarded in the industry. Although it isn’t compulsory to be a member of either, both have their own merits and are instantly recognised in the industry confirming your college is of a certain calibre.