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About Us



We are a creative, high energy and dynamic group of experienced teachers and Academic Managers who are passionate about building English colleges. We LOVE successful ELICOS colleges and we know what it takes to create one. Most importantly, we love thinking of original and innovative ideas which are cost effective, students enjoy engaging with and actually improve their English.

We are all fully qualified English teachers and most of our consultants, have over 20 years experience each. Every consultant either holds a Masters in Education/Masters in TESOL or other Post Graduate qualifications. We are serious about education, understand the ELICOS sector and are results driven.


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We are the ELICOS “Racing” team who ensures the College’s engine is running at its peak and the fuel tank is always full. Compliance is not a worry and the driver (College Owner/CEO) is able to steer the college into any direction they choose. ELICOS is our game! We don't do anything else and our TEAM truly loves developing and building English colleges. Our highly qualified and experienced consultant team specialise in setting up colleges, writing curriculum/syllabus, writing assessments, policies and procedures and improving the performance of English colleges.

  • We are Australia's biggest ELICOS consultancy with Academic Managers, IELTS assessors, resource/assessment writers and teachers collaborating together

  • We custom design every curriculum, syllabus, policy to suit your college and don't have "ready to use" or "off the shelf" courses

  • We are qualified to teach any course, curriculum or assessment we design

  • Ongoing support available for any ELICOS questions you may have

  • FREE training and induction provided for any course we design

  • We consult Australia wide and are happy to visit you in person

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We have had many satisfied corporate clients over the years and no two colleges have been the same. The briefs we have received from each client have been different and we have been able to create a unique and different product for each client. We have set up English colleges within an existing RTO, we have set up stand alone English colleges, we have even set up CRICOS for an existing private High School. Our testimonials are from a varied range of English college owners.

“The team at ELICOS Consultants were outstanding from the first day. They built our entire English College from scratch and were able to create unique English courses to the rest of the market. The energy and positivity they bring is contagious and they lifted the spirits of all our staff.”                                                                                
Sharry Eavis
CEO, Ad Astra Institute & CEO Momentum English

“We put Sener in charge to build our new stand alone English college and write all the policies and procedures required to meet the ELICOS Standards 2018. We have been extremely satisfied with all the services provided and continue to use his services for coaching our senior management staff. We highly recommend ELICOS Consultants for any services in the ELICOS sector.”                                                                                                        
Rizwan Ahmed
CEO, Universal Institute of Technology

“The knowledge and experience of ELICOS Consultants is fantastic and their ability to design policies and procedures which are functional and easy to follow are excellent. You have given us confidence and empowered us with the relevant tools. It has been a pleasure working with all of you.”                                                                                                             
Michael Kakris
CEO, Rochdale Institute

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Our consulting TEAM loves teaching English and fully understands the needs of today’s international students studying English in Australia. We are all qualified English teachers and share many things in common including:

  • all consultants have international teaching experience

  • all consultants have studied a 2nd language (some even 3 languages)

  • all consultants have taught GE, IELTS and EAP

  • all consultants have completed their Masters or other Post Graduate qualifications

  • all consultants are native English speakers

Current and previous positions our Consulting TEAM have held include: Academic Manager, IELTS Examiner, FCE/CAE Examiner, Cambridge Exam Centre Test Manager, Course Coordinator,  Head Teacher etc. at some of Australia’s best English language colleges.

Most importantly, we are a TEAM who loves to collaborate, share ideas, and create. We focus on developing colleges, inspiring them to flourish and stand out from the crowd.